Apocalypse or Climate Change?

Apocalypse or climate change? They’re starting to feel like one and the same.

The House That Love Built

After 25 years in Austin, we're moving to San Francisco. Before we go, I say good-bye to the home that's given us so much these past six years.

The $9 Maxi Skirt + Date Night

The smallest things in life can make you feel beautiful, right?

Chairish (what?) Roundup, plus other cool stuff

My pics from the new(ish) online company Chairish, the upcoming Austin Auction, and more.

Austin Auction Roundup

My personal picks from the upcoming auction at Austin Auction Gallery, featuring items from Richard Garriott's estate.

Thrift Shopping in Austin: Women’s Clothes

My picks for the best thrift stores in Austin for women's clothes. Please comment if you have favorite spots I didn't mention!

Craigslist Roundup: September 6, 2013

The Craigslist Roundup has been killing me this week because I found so many things I want for my home! And even though these are Craigslist prices, I can't shop right now because I'm saving all my money for the project I'm working on (hopefully I'll be able to show you soon). But man! It… Continue reading Craigslist Roundup: September 6, 2013

Zilker Clothing Swap

The Zilker Clothing Swap will be this Saturday, 9/7, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, in the Zilker Elementary cafeteria. See you there!

Following Your Passion

What is your passion? Is that an easy question for you to answer? Do you feel that everyone has a passion? What does it mean if you don't know what yours is? Or do you have the opposite problem—do you feel like you have so many pursuits that you feel lost? Austin blogger Jenni from… Continue reading Following Your Passion

Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 30, 2013

Just for this week: a kids Craigslist Roundup!

Style + Austin: Zilker Park

I'm nervous that my loved ones will think my ego has outgrown my head, but I'm also very excited to be doing my FIRST EVER style post.

Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 9, 2013

My Craigslist Roundups have evolved into mini-"The House that Craigslist Built" sessions. This week I feature a living room that I think my design hero, Emily Henderson, would appreciate.

Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 2, 2013

Are you all sick of looking at velvet tufted couches? I hope not, because I can't really get enough. And look, this one is moss green, which means it is close to my dream sofa. Click on the link to see the super cute owners. You could be next!And to hang behind the sofa .… Continue reading Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 2, 2013

Austin Craigslist Roundup: July 26, 2013

This past week, my husband and three kids and I drove across the country to visit family, which was very fun despite a few National Lampoon Vacation moments, like my GPS non-skills resulting in us cruising a downtown Memphis neighborhood in our out-of-gas minivan at midnight, wondering why a Comfort Suites would be located next… Continue reading Austin Craigslist Roundup: July 26, 2013

Austin Craigslist Roundup: July 19, 2013

Thanks for all your support for last week's roundup! I'm excited about all the new design elements of my blog, but particularly this one, as I'm such a Craigslist fan. I'm working on creating a Facebook page for my blog, so look for that to get regular updates on these roundups. OK! Here we go… Continue reading Austin Craigslist Roundup: July 19, 2013