The Shame We Feel

Yesterday in New Hampshire, First Lady Michelle Obama made an impassioned speech that tapped into the collective pain stirred up by Donald Trump’s misogynistic language and the recent news that he allegedly sexually assaulted several women. “The truth is, it hurts,” the First Lady said. And it does. It does hurt. So many old feelings… Continue reading The Shame We Feel

On Feeling Discouraged

Albert Einstein or Douglas MacArthur or perhaps someone else entirely once said this: "Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working."

Personal Growth in 2014

I've spent the last few months relearning some lessons I never should have forgotten in the first place.

Nerd Power!

No one's laughing at Jeff Bezos anymore.

Preparing for House Guests

House guests are coming! Here are some ways to stay sane.

♥ Your Life: Court Peace

Some days call for the ugly slippers.

The Working Mother

I have a story to tell. It's a bit of a shame story. Prepare yourself.

Launch Yourself on Every Wave

I finally have a plan, and this is it.

The Perfect Hosts

One memorable evening in California taught me about the four most important tenets of entertaining.

♥ Your Life: Drop Your Frenemies

One small change helped me be a lot kinder to myself.

♥ Your Life: Accept Your Nature

A morning gardening with kindergarteners taught me an unexpected lesson about parenting.

Inspired: The Invitation

A moving poem about what really matters in life.

Rainy Days

Some days the gray clouds won't budge.

Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

A few weeks ago at Paris Fashion Week, designer Rick Owens enlisted the help of step dancers for his runway show. Four different teams of dancers, some from American college sororities, some from professional dance troupes, wore his designs while dancing step routines. Then for the finale all the women danced together. To augment the aesthetic… Continue reading Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

Inspired: Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Metaphorical Minivan

Two quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert to make your Monday morning a little happier.