A Tale of Two Grandmas

How can I love thrift store shopping and yet be a snob when it comes to regular stores? I blame my grandmas.

Following Your Passion

What is your passion? Is that an easy question for you to answer? Do you feel that everyone has a passion? What does it mean if you don't know what yours is? Or do you have the opposite problem—do you feel like you have so many pursuits that you feel lost? Austin blogger Jenni from… Continue reading Following Your Passion

Out with the Old, In with the Fried Eggs

An essay I wrote three years ago about how my search for my fixed, true identity may be an exercise in futility.

The Trouble(s) with Being Authentic

I feel a strong pull to be authentic to my true self, but I often end up going along with the crowd. It seems as though I'm caught between pain from being inauthentic, or pain from being different. But are these really my only two options?

Running Scared

Apart from my husband and kids, not a single part of my adult life has ever come close to feeling as right as the time I spent working on that book. So why, oh why, did the words go away? And will they ever come back?

A Season of Doing Without

I haven't written a blog post in an eternity. Luckily this is due to nothing more calamitous than it being winter, when the trees find themselves with no leaves and I apparently find myself with no words. But a canopy of yellow-green now lines the street to my daughter's school, so I too will start… Continue reading A Season of Doing Without

A Rare Visit From the Wise Mommy

Parenting is a difficult job because we are supposed to mold our children (to be polite, to be considerate, to not pee on the wall). But at the same time, we are supposed to let them develop into their own unique selves. These two contradictory ideas leave me confused a good chunk of the time.

On Dreams

Others achieve success; they are so happy; we can do it too one day; it could be us. It is so exciting! But, I thought to myself, I've heard this one before.

Rewriting the Questions

This article, published in Hip Mama, tells the story of the day my oldest child asked me the BIG question, and what I realized in my attempt to answer it.

A Sac, A Baby, A Spark

I am officially late. My for-the-record position is that I don't want any more kids. With my youngest recently out of the toddler stage, I am still relishing my hard-earned bits of freedom. A month ago, I triumphantly declared I had changed my last poopy diaper. My three kids can all buckle their own seat… Continue reading A Sac, A Baby, A Spark

Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky

Tonight I sit to write, and yet I cannot. I wait, I am ready, but the words don't come. I want to write of what has come before, the moonlit labyrinth I have walked these past few months, but everything is labored. I look for inspiration from drafts started and unfinished waiting in my blog's… Continue reading Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky

My Son, the Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables

Tonight at bedtime, my youngest son, who is three, looked up at me with big saucer eyes over his Chick fil-A Kids Meal book and said, "Why us eat chickens?" "Why do we eat chickens?" I repeated, stalling for time. This was going to be difficult. The truth is, I have been struggling with this… Continue reading My Son, the Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables

I’m Afraid of Everything, But Maybe That’s Not So Horrible

These past two weeks, I have been a bit of a disaster. Not as in real disaster, like the people who, as I tell the kids, have "super big problems," like those people who lost their homes or much, much worse to a tornado or a flood or a war these past few weeks. Fortunately… Continue reading I’m Afraid of Everything, But Maybe That’s Not So Horrible

Dear President Obama: A Letter for Peace

This afternoon I will go out and buy some quality, old-fashioned stationary at the one store in Austin that still carries any. Then I will write all 1,000+ of these words out and mail them to our president. Will anyone besides the intern with the Santa-sized sack of letters read this? Doubtful. Still, it felt… Continue reading Dear President Obama: A Letter for Peace

Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses

I do my best to live under a rock, but even I know that, as my husband told our daughter today, "a real-life princess is getting married tomorrow." I don't know too many details, except that the real-life princess (or soon-to-be, rather) is beautiful, wears some really cute clothes (and crazy-ass hats), and seems nice,… Continue reading Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses