Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 30, 2013

As you probably know, I’ve got kids on the brain lately. That’s an understatement. So I thought it would be fun to do a different sort of Craigslist Roundup this week, just for this week: a kids Craigslist Roundup!

Everyone always talks about how expensive kids are. And that is true, yes, it certainly is. There are a ton of expenses related to kids that a) you can’t really get out of unless you are stone cold broke (like their school fees), or b) that you are happy to pay even if it’s your last dollar (like that amazing opportunity that will really impact their life).

The thing is, there are a ton of other expenses that you can get out of when it comes to kids—or if not get out of, at least reduce significantly. You do this through sharing clothes and toys with other parents, going to clothing/book/toy swaps, and of course, using Craigslist to buy (and later sell) all the endless things your kids will use over their brief/long time with you.

So here we go. Here are some great, low-cost kids items I found this week on the Baby + Kids section of Craigslist, broken down into sections.

Outdoor Fun

Every kid needs a trike, right? Here’s a classic.

01 Radio Flyer Tricycle

Mom and Dad might need some new wheels, too.

02  InSTEP Bicycle Trailer

Not that this is the most practical thing in the world, but I thought this handmade little kid swing was pretty cute.

03 Cedar Kids Swings

The kids might like their own little picnic table outside. Or Mommy and Daddy might like the kids to have their own table outside, especially if they don’t have a dog and no one loves to vacuum.

I would suggest you paint it a glossy red or green, but if you have kids little enough to sit here, you probably have no time for any of that ridiculousness.

04 Kids Picnic Table

I always think these little play houses are so cute. Of course, they kill your grass and the kids often get bored of them after a few months. But hey, they’ll think they’re the best thing ever when someone else comes over to play!

05 Step 2 Neat & Tiddy Cottage

Sleepy Time

What kid would not die for this thing? Look—it has a slide! And a canopy top thingy! And a fort underneath! Even I want it.

07 Twin Fort Bunk Bed

Or perhaps this bunk bed is more your style.

08 White Loft Bunk Bed

Here is an entire bedroom set with a zillion pieces to it (and a price to match).

09 White Bedroom Set
$700 but open to best offers

Craigslist is a great place to get crib bedding. These days, with all the people co-sleeping with their babies, you might come across a bedding set that’s hardly ever been used!

This Pottery Barn set comes with the bumper, bedskirt, and a matching rug.

10 Crib Bedding and Rug
$100; rug 3×5′

Lily pads and mushrooms are my weakness.

11 Frog Crib Bedding

This Pottery Barn floral set is sweet.

12 Daisy Garden Bedding Set

Let Them Play

I am a sucker for play kitchens!!! They are so much cuter than regular kitchens, because they don’t get ants or sticky rings from last night’s beers.

15 Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen Set
$250 for a whole bunch of stuff

And doll houses get me, too, especially the wooden ones, like this one from Melissa & Doug.

16 Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse
$60, includes furniture

Tool benches rock, especially if they have tons of accessories like this one.

17 Black & Decker Kids Tool Bench

But the best toy set of all has got to be a train table. Do you agree? This person has glued down some of the tracks. You might think this is a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t know; on one hand, I like the kids being able to use their imaginations, but on the other, those damn tracks are always underfoot.

18 Melissa & Doug Train Table
$100, includes trains

If you don’t have room for a whole train table, here is a set of miscellaneous train sets. This is a great way to save money because train sets can be EXPENSIVE!!!

19 Various Sets of Trains

Look at all the cool stuff happening on this Melissa & Doug activity cart.

20 Melissa & Doug Activity Cart

And of course we can’t forget the wee ones! Owls and trees are also my weakness.

23 Baby Activity Gym

Learning Is Good

A small table like this is great for drawing and coloring, especially if you have a play room (i.e., space to fill).

13 Mickey Mouse Kids Table

Here are a couple of cute retro desks.

14 Colorful Kids Desks
$30 (not sure if price is each or for both)

14 Dr. Seuss books!!! Green Eggs & Ham! Hop on Pop! One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

21 Set of Dr. Seuss Books

When I was a kid I was CAPTIVATED by the Mr. Happy books, but when I read them now I think, hmmm, I don’t get it. They’re still so cute though. Maybe that’s all there is to get.

22 Set of Children's Books

Clean Up

Storage cubes are always a genius idea. This one is cute enough that you could leave it out. Take those two extra cubes off the top and stick a stack of books up there with a small lamp and maybe a stuffed animal or two, and you’re set!

24 Kids Storage Bins

This storage system also works well (we have one), but it’s not quite as cute (because of the plastic). But no worries, just leave it in the closet. Perfect! Designate one of those big bins as the place where all the “treasures” go. It makes those times when your kid really, really wants to save that random piece of broken plastic they found on their hike at school a whole lot easier.

25 Plastic Storage Bins

I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the Craigslist Roundup.  I hope that at the very least it inspired you to think of the used/borrowed option when it comes to kids stuff. You can apply the money you save toward a much-needed date with your spouse!

Let me know what you think of this week’s Craigslist Roundup, or if you have any other special requests or topics you’d like me to focus on. I love your feedback!

Happy hunting!

© Amy Daniewicz

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