Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 2, 2013

Are you all sick of looking at velvet tufted couches? I hope not, because I can’t really get enough. And look, this one is moss green, which means it is close to my dream sofa. Click on the link to see the super cute owners. You could be next!

Vintage Moss Green Tufted Sofa

And to hang behind the sofa . . .  Do you, too, have a dark gray wall? Or better yet, a wall of wallpaper in grasscloth or an oversized leafy print? Then, here, hang this HUGE industrial exit sign over your new moss green sofa.

Industrial Exit Sign

And if this chair isn’t too sad when you see it in person, include it in your living room, too.

Vintage Yellow Chair

And plop down this classy table to fancy the whole place up.

Walnut Sheaf of Wheat Side Table

Next swag this teardrop pendant over your table, next to your cozy yellow chair.

Vintage Green Teardrop Pendant Lamp

And last but not least, stack this beauty of a bar with your favorite spirits and put it off to the side somewhere, so your honey can fix you a drink while you read your book in your cozy yellow chair, by the light of your green teardrop light—or wait, maybe instead you’ll be stretched out on your moss green sofa. So many options!

Hundevad Teak Cart Server

This sofa is super classy, right? I don’t even know what I would do with a silk sofa. It makes me think of that scene in American Beauty when Annette Bening gets all uptight with Keven Spacey about the sofa. That would be me. But in a perfect world, this sofa would be mine.

Vintage Silk French Sofa

And I would hang these rusty old wheels over it just to toughen the whole thing up. (I wish there were five, though. There really should be five, design-wise. But then, I guess I’m being unrealistic. What machine has five wheels?)

Antique Iron Wheels

OK, another fabulous sofa combo—a more modern line this time, in a microfiber velvet. Microfiber has its pros and its cons—personally, I’d say the cons win, but then again, my kids are no longer of the oft-barfing age. If yours are, microfiber may be your new best friend.

Modern Gray Velvet Tufted Sofa

And a cheerful rug to go with it. I’m a sucker for a floral rug if it reads more Anthropologie and less cheesy. You be the judge on this one.

Bloom Wool Rug
$80 – 5×7′

You’ll need a few side tables to put your drinks on. I like this round one.

Black Pedestal Side Table

And some lighting—here are a nice pair of lamps. I love lamps in pairs; it gives you more versatility. You can always break them up if you can’t find a home for them as a pair, but if you keep them together, they add that nice symmetry that is so calming to the eye.

Pair of Brushed Nickel Lamps

And since you have two lamps, you might as well get another side table. What about this cutie?

Vintage Black Side Table

Now, the listing says this bed is $40. Do you think they forgot the extra zero? Or—they mention it’s missing a few screws but has been working fine for years—do you suppose the discount is for the missing screws? I would say owning a dramatic bed like this for $40 is worth a trip to Home Depot. (Do keep in mind, though, that you’ll need substantial pillows if you like to read sitting up in bed—note the lack of consistent back support in the headboard.)

Modern Canopy Bed

Are you planning a vintage nursery? A rocking chair is nice to have in a nursery; even if it’s no consolation to the baby, it may be to you at 3:00 am. I like this one; the wood appears to be a nice color, and the curved arms are pretty and interesting.

Vintage Rocking Chair

It’s hard to say for sure in the photo, but the color of this dresser may complement the rocking chair. If so, and if the dresser’s in good condition, this would store all your diapers, blankets, and onesies for a great price. (Plus, is that an owl carved in the bottom there? You can make endless “Who-who’s the cutest?” etc. jokes, and your baby will probably even think you’re funny!)

Vintage Dresser

The seller has a ton of these for sale. They look familiar to me—are they Chipotle chairs? (Nope, just checked. I love the Internet.) Well, anyway, I like these chairs, and I bet they’d be cute in your backyard (or restaurant).

Aluminum and Wood Chairs

That’s it, folks. I will hopefully be taking part in a Craigslist transaction of my own this weekend—to buy a giant plant! Wish me luck. I’ll post a photo on Instagram if I get it.

Happy hunting!

© Amy Daniewicz

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