Austin Auction Roundup

This week I’m doing a roundup of my personal picks from the upcoming auction from Austin Auction Gallery, which will be held one week from tomorrow. This is exciting for me personally because I love drooling over the items that are regularly offered up over at Austin Auction.

This auction is particularly interesting because some of the items will come from the estate of local (and beyond, as in up in space) legend Richard Garriott: video game developer, astronaut, major Halloween party thrower, and host of Shakespeare plays. (His Wikipedia page is a fascinating read.)

A few key details: You can bid online ahead of time or in person at the actual auction. Keep in mind that the prices I have listed are starting bids only, and the auction house charges a 15%-18% fee on top of the winning bid amount. Also, please read the fine print about how long you have to pick up your items if you win.

I’m leading with whimsy, OK? You with me? Here we go . . .

Do you have any Anglophile friends who are really, really interested in Nottingham and its history? Who happen to have a birthday coming up? And you have a $1K+ budget to spend on their gift? Yeah, me neither. But it’s really too bad, because this automaton (had to look up what that meant) would make one killer gift. (Hint: it moves.)

01 Frank Nelson Nottingham Automaton
starting bid: $1,000

This little treasure (automaton #2) seems straight out of a Wes Anderson film. It’s based on a poem by Edward Lear! It features an owl and a cat in a sailboat! Even the waves are made of wood, and you can see the gears working down below! Can these voyaging critters sail their way to my house?

02 The Owl and the Pussycat Wood Automaton
starting bid: $300

This has a nice Harry Potter feel to it, don’t you think? And I’m always in favor of adding a little more Harry Potter to my life.

03 Brass and Glass Hourglass
starting bid: $100

Man, oh man! This goes into my never-ending mental file of ways to make a guy’s study warmer. Or to sparkle up a dining room. Or to make your living room a heck of a lot more interesting. This chandelier is amazing!

04 Asian Pierced Copper Shade Chandelier
starting bid: $100

Last week I pined after a coffee table, but I love this one even more! Great detailing around the edges, great color and texture on top. It makes me want to pull up a pillow and eat my dinner sitting on the floor.

05 Large Rustic Plank Top Coffee Table
starting bid: $150

Whenever someone says “inlay” I start to get excited. In this case, it’s mother of pearl. Not your average armoire, this!

08 Mother of Pearl Inlaid Wood Cabinet
starting bid: $200

You kind of hate to put chairs around this beauty of a dining table. Maybe you could use it as a massive desk? It would make a great dining table, too.

09 Large Refectory Dining Table
starting bid: $400

Ahhh, sideboards. I am such a fan. They provide the function of storage and a surface for adding personality to your room—and if you use them in the dining room, they also give you a place to put extra dishes if your table gets crowded. I really like the carvings on this one.

10 Stetson Furniture Company Sideboard
starting bid: $300

Don’t you think this pair of Restoration Hardware lamps would look great on top of that sideboard?

11 Pair of Restoration Hardware Empire Egg Lamps
starting bid: $150

And this chandelier would be perfect for that dining room.

12 16 Light Faceted Crystal Prism Chandelier
starting bid: $150

I love following the trends in home design, but I’m a firm believer in filling your home with what you love. This sort of veneer work, called marquetry inlay, is not really in vogue right now, but it’s lovely. Anyway, wait a few years and it will be back I’m sure!

13 Maitland-Smith Marquetry Inlaid Center Table
starting bid: $500

This dresser has similar detailing, and I love that hardware!

14 Antique Georgian Style Bachelor's Chest
starting bid: $250

I love these dramatic four posters. I’ve been wanting one in a warm color, like this, to add some warmth to the masculinity of the strong lines. This one is from Restoration Hardware. And wouldn’t it be perfect with the above dresser?

15 Queen Size Canopy Poster Bed
starting bid: $400

Either of the next two items would look great at the foot of that bed. My vote would be for this Japanese trunk!

16 Japanese Lacquered Figural and Floral Painted Trunk
starting bid: $150

But this embossed leather bench wouldn’t be a bad pick either.

17 Embossed Leather Top Bench
starting bid: $200

I’m imagining a large master with the dresser, four poster, and trunk above, and this leather camel back from Ethan Allen off to the side somewhere.

18 Ethan Allen Camel Back Leather Sofa
starting bid: $500

This floor lamp would look nice beside it.

19 Gilt Polychromed Iron Floor Lamp
starting bid: $40

And if you buy this set of chairs (and you should!!!), use four at your dining table so you can put one or two of them in your master.

20 Set of 6 French Empire Style Parcel Gilt Lacquer Chairs
starting bid: $300

There are so many items from Restoration Hardware in this auction that I wonder if someone outfitted their whole house from the store one day. Here is a nice media cabinet, and there is a matching sideboard up for auction as well.

21 Restoration Hardware Cherry Console TV Stand
starting bid: $300

I thought this little table had quite a bit of personality.

22 Red Floral Occasional Table
starting bid: $60

And I’m always a fan of Tiffany-style lamps.

23 Stained and Leaded Floral Table Lamp
starting bid: $50

These auctions can be a great place to find paintings. I love the greens in this one.

24 Summer Aspen Landscape Painting
starting bid: $200

I’d love to hear about any experiences you have had with Austin Auction. I’ve bid online before and shopped at their warehouse, but never attended an auction. (I imagine it’s not the most kid-friendly of affairs.) I’ve heard from friends that it’s great fun, though.

I imagine next week’s auction will have a larger than normal turnout because of the items from Richard Garriott’s estate. Check their website for information about when the viewing will be held (you can go early to see the items in person before the bidding starts).

Until next week, happy hunting!

Heart Amy

© Amy Daniewicz

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