The House That Love Built

After 25 years in Austin, we're moving to San Francisco. Before we go, I say good-bye to the home that's given us so much these past six years.

A Tale of Two Grandmas

How can I love thrift store shopping and yet be a snob when it comes to regular stores? I blame my grandmas.

A New Birth

A remarkable thing happened last night. Halfway through watching the behemoth four-and-a-half-hour version of The Titanic on AMC, sadness overtook me, and I waved my white remote in defeat. I had had it. It had been a cheery night of television all around, you see, as before that I watched a program on PBS about… Continue reading A New Birth

Beauty, Beauty, on the Wall

My husband and I recently experienced a freakish anomaly, an outlier event, an aberration of epic proportions . . . we cooperated over home decor. Odd, disorienting even. It all has to do with a problem that's been plaguing us since we moved into our home two and a half years ago: what to do… Continue reading Beauty, Beauty, on the Wall

Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses

I do my best to live under a rock, but even I know that, as my husband told our daughter today, "a real-life princess is getting married tomorrow." I don't know too many details, except that the real-life princess (or soon-to-be, rather) is beautiful, wears some really cute clothes (and crazy-ass hats), and seems nice,… Continue reading Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses

Each of These, My Three Babies

A while ago an old friend from college, who was then pregnant with her third child, asked me if I had any words of advice on the subject of going from two kids to three. I thought about it for a bit, and then I told her that with my first child, his first birthday… Continue reading Each of These, My Three Babies

Ode to Ovulation

The monthly call to fertility is exhilarating, but in our house, we've come to eye it with suspicion. My husband was kind enough to print out this article from the New York Times for me yesterday. The author, John Tierney, discusses one of my favorite topics, the invisible powers possessed by ovulating women, and highlights… Continue reading Ode to Ovulation

Valentine’s Day, We Meet Again

Is this a happy holiday? Hearts cut out of doilies, cuddly teddy bears, and cakes with pink roses. It sure seems like it ought to be. So why does it feel like the arch-enemy to my sense of peace and sanity? I've been dreading this day for the past several weeks, when it first popped… Continue reading Valentine’s Day, We Meet Again

A Loving Meditation

I wrote this for my husband several years ago. I must have been worried about him when I wrote it, so I'm thinking it may have been when he was laid off and we were about to have our third child. I think my plan was to read it to him while he was relaxing,… Continue reading A Loving Meditation

Respect the Husband, A Remix

A while ago I wrote a post, "Respect the Husband," about the seemingly obvious but often overlooked importance of acknowledging your mate's separateness as a unique individual. A friend recently told me the title put her off at first, conjuring up unhappy 1950s connotations à la "I promise to obey . . . ." She… Continue reading Respect the Husband, A Remix

Respect the Husband

I've just had an idea, and now my thoughts are all swirling around like crazy in my head. I should confess that I've been told these little revelations I have several times a day are, in fact, not always as awe-worthy as I experience them to be. Bobby says my "ah ha!" moments are more… Continue reading Respect the Husband

On Valentine’s Day

This year I decided to buy myself roses for Valentine's Day. Are they not stunning? I feel the hand of my grandmother at work. Whenever it came time for gift giving, she would make sure to include herself on the list. "From Alice, To Alice," the card would read. My husband is the love of… Continue reading On Valentine’s Day

Aguas de Vida

When I grew up, our house sat overlooking a small but beautiful lake in Iowa. I have so many wonderful memories of that lake—learning to swim, dangling my feet off the end of my parents' pontoon boat, ice skating in the winter, and floating in the canoe with my dad at dusk while he read… Continue reading Aguas de Vida

A Father’s Love

I wrote this more than four years ago for my first child, Jonah, when he was a toddler. His father and I had just separated, and I was trying to help him (and myself) deal with feelings of confusion and sadness. Although I was primarily thinking of my son and our situation, I was also… Continue reading A Father’s Love