Austin Craigslist Roundup: August 9, 2013

My Craigslist Roundups have evolved into mini-“The House that Craigslist Built” sessions. What do you think of the change? This week I feature a living room that I think my design hero, Emily Henderson, would appreciate.

This week I just said no to the tufted velvet sofas in favor of a more modern look. (I’m trying to be diverse.) I couldn’t avoid the quirk entirely, however, and I ended up channeling one of my design heroes, Emily Henderson.

Emily Henderson won a design competition on an HGTV reality show called Design Star a few years back. She’s also a blogger and stylist, and now a designer and TV show host for a show called Secrets From a Stylist, which I LOVE.

Emily Henderson designed this living room for blogger Joy Cho (from Oh Joy!)
Emily Henderson designed this living room for blogger Joy Cho (from Oh Joy!)

My first “room” today is straight up Emily Henderson. Well, I think it is, anyway. I don’t know what she would say! But if you look at her living room, she uses navy, brass, white, wood, and leather for her major pieces, and then brings in all the fun pops of yellow and bright pink (and other bright colors) through accessories. My imagined rooms have no accessories of course, so you’ll just have to imagine spots of pink and yellow throughout this first living room!

Now, onto the Craigslist Roundup!

Room #1: Navy & Brass Living Room

Start with an actual Danish, midcentury modern sofa.

01-Navy Hans Olsen Sofa
$1,000 ouch

Pair it with a reproduction of a midcentury modern coffee table (made by IKEA’s fancier line, “Stockholm”), which is nice and long—necessary for that couch.

02-IKEA Stockholm Coffee Table

Center the seating around this rug, which you’ll need to layer over a larger (perhaps sisal) rug.

03-Greige Trellis Rug
$50 – 5×7′

Opposite the sofa, place these two high gloss Louis chairs from Four Hands.

04-White Louis Chairs from Four Hands

Group the chairs around this vintage brass table, which does come with a glass top—it’s just not shown here for some reason.

05-Brass & Glass Side Table

And mount this handsome guy (made out of resin, from etsy) above your sofa, perhaps along with some other, more colorful art.

06-White Resin Deer

If there’s room in the living room, place this desk against a bare wall, or perhaps backed up against the sofa (if you’re floating the sofa in the middle of the room).

07-Midcentury Modern Desk

And replace your boring overhead living room light with this beauty.

08-Vintage Brass Light Fixture

Room #2: Apple Green Contemporary Living Room

OK, next up we have an entirely different type of style: contemporary. That is a word that usually makes a little unhappy shiver run down the back of my spine, but I’m including it here because a) I know a lot of people love it, b) this room is a good value, and c) I like the colors.

This person is selling the couch (with two of the throw pillows shown), the chair, and that cool ikat-patterned rug. All for $850.

09-Apple Green Sofa, Chair, and Ikat Rug
$850 for sofa, chair, and rug

Use this shiny silver pedestal table from Four Hands off to the side. I have been wanting this thing for years! But sadly, this was one of my husband’s vetoes. When the spouse vetoes, what can you do?

10-Silver Pedestal Table from Four Hands

And add a nice, big, rustic chest as a coffee table. (I have to rough this place up a little!)

11-Vintage Cedar Chest

Now, if your bar is visible from your living room like it is in the home of the couch/chair/rug, then these seagrass bar stools will look amazing.

12-Seagrass Bar Stools

And if you need a breakfast table nearby, here you go.

13-Antique Black Pedestal Table

Room #3: Vintage Brass Bedroom

I normally don’t really dig iron beds, but I am LOVING this one because of its aged patina and its Moroccan design.

14-Brass Headboard

And I am particularly in love with the art deco styling (and twin butterfly pulls!) on this pair of Tiffany-style lamps, which can flank the bed.

15-Pair of Tiffany-Style Lamps

Here is a tiny iron and glass (with birds!) table to go on one side.

16-Iron and Glass Accent Table

And a painted cabinet to serve as a sort of trunk at the base of the bed (which is especially necessary since this bed has no footboard).

17-Black & Gold Cabinet

If there’s enough space in your room, please rescue this neglected burled wood and leather inlay desk from its over-teched owners; it looks like it would shine up beautifully.

18-Burled Wood & Leather Inlay Desk

And here is an ornate chair to put with the desk. (The leather on the top of the desk is black, so I think despite their style differences, they would look great together.)

19-Spanish Colonial Armchair

That was fun! What do you think, are you liking these posts being grouped into rooms like this? What were your favorite pieces this week? Could you see yourself ever hanging a deer head (even one made out of resin) over your couch?

Happy hunting!

© Amy Daniewicz

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