Craigslist Roundup: September 6, 2013

The Craigslist Roundup has been killing me this week because I found so many things I want for my home! And even though these are Craigslist prices, I can’t shop right now because I’m saving all my money for the project I’m working on (hopefully I’ll be able to show you soon).

But man! It causes me pain each time I see something special for a great price and I can’t buy it. So I’m just gonna say it right now: at some point I’m going to open my own little virtual vintage home shop!

The first thing I’m dying for is this bench. They made it from an old bed frame! (If you want to attempt this yourself, I found a ton of DIY tutorials on the Internet.) My husband keeps saying he wants a bench in our entryway, and I keep frowning down this idea. I don’t like most benches. But this I love!

01 Repurposed Bed to Bench

Several years ago I hired a woman to do a feng shui assessment of our house. I had read several books on the subject and was fully prepared to trust her . . . until she did the whole walk through saying she was getting “vibes” about this or that, only to email me later to tell me to ignore everything she had said because she had made a mistake measuring our magnetic orientation! So much for all her vibes.

Anyway, her final (written) assessment said we should have a chiming clock near the center of our home. And even though she appears to have been, in the kindest version of events, overselling her intuitive abilities, I still hear that little voice saying maybe I should get a grandfather clock someday. Except most of them I just can’t picture in my house.

But this one I can!

02 Danish Modern Grandfather Clock

I was just talking with my neighbor about the issue of playrooms. Do you have a playroom? In our neighborhood, a lot of the homes are built with these really big and open playrooms or media rooms at the top of the stairs. And . . . (first-world problem alert) they are hard to decorate because they are so big—you need a lot of stuff just to make them feel filled.

Anyway, my neighbor mentioned how a wall of bookshelves can often be just the solution. And these shelves would fit the bill perfectly. They’re in San Antonio, unfortunately, but the seller has multiple for sale, and they’re only $50 each. Instant wall of shelves! (I love the wood + metal look, too.)

03 Wood and Steel Shelves

I have an issue with coffee tables: I don’t like too many of them. Even my own. But I actually really like this one, with its rustic and warm feel and its intricate carving on the edges.

04 Carved Mexican Coffee Table

Look at this desk! That tree painting is so great. We have a desk this size in my son’s room, and it’s perfect for a small child. Finding a chair might be a bit challenging; I’d suggest black and simple.

05 Handpainted Child's Desk

This is just the sort of lamp I’m looking to put in my husband’s study. Brass with a lot of patina is great for warming up a masculine space.

06 Vintage Brass Desk Lamp

OK, I’m done coveting now, but I do like this bed. A lot of vintage beds are in the full size (like this one), which can be perfect for a guest room or child’s room. Our daughter has a full bed, which means she gets bumped whenever guests come to stay.

I do always wonder what you do when you buy a bed without slats, though. Is it a huge issue or an easy workaround? Has anyone else had any experience with this?

08 Antique Walnut Full Bed

OK, so this bed isn’t cheap, but it’s Crate and Barrel, and they aren’t cheap either! This set (bed, dresser, mirror) will make your room look polished pretty quickly. You’ll just need to add the personality.

09 Crate and Barrel Queen Bed, Dresser, and Mirror
$650 for bed, dresser, and mirror

I’m not sure if this is the personality you’re looking for, but it is personality. I like it because it reminds me of the classic Marimekko print. And it’s from a high-end store. The sellers are offering a cleaning, though, which always makes me a little worried about how dirty it is. Don’t be afraid to smell the carpet!!! (I know, super gross, but better than driving home with a stinky rug.)

Modern Red and Pink Rug

Big girl bed! Big girl bed! I love the detailing, and trundles are great for sleepovers. They’re expensive, though, because of the two mattress thing. But this one includes the mattresses. For me, used mattresses are usually a no, but there’s something about this photo that is making me think again. (Maybe it’s that plant on the windowsill?) Use your best judgement.

10 White Twin Trundle Bed and Bookshelf
$400 for trundle bed, mattresses, and bookshelf

Would this white look good with the white on the trundle bed? Not sure, but maybe. It could be a cute addition to the big girl bed. You could save it under a blanket somewhere and let Santa get the credit in a few months.

11 Antique Desk

This is just a random chair, but it’s cute, right? I am a fan of sticking random chairs around your house wherever you have a sad corner or expanse of wall, and this one’s long in charm.

12 Antique Blue Accent Chair

If that last chair could find a home in your house, then this one might, too. To all the blue lovers out there . . .

Blue and Lime Patterned Accent Chair

This shelf is kind of basic, but it has an interesting shape, and for $25 I can imagine a ton of purposes for it. Stick it in front of a sunny window and cover it in plants. Paint it a cheerful color and use it in a kid’s room. Use it as a potting bench out back. The bottom part would lend itself nicely to a couple of storage cubes or baskets.

13 Wooden Shelves

I have clicked on a ton of cute pictures for this next seller since I’ve started doing these Craigslist Roundups. She rescues old pieces of furniture and then customizes them according to your wishes. Of course, her prices are higher than typical Craigslist prices, but if it’s in your budget, I’d say it’s well worth it.

14 Custom Painted Dresser

Here’s another seller who does custom work—this one applies your photo to a dresser!

15 Custom Photo Dresser

And finally, I couldn’t resist this teeter-totter. Do you say teeter-totter, or see-saw? Is this a regional thing? I really don’t know.

Teeter Totter

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Craigslist Roundup! To add some variety around here I’m going to do an Austin Auction Roundup next week. They’ll be auctioning off some of the collection of Richard Garriott (local video game entrepreneur, haunted house maker, Shakespeare enthusiast, and astronaut). Should be interesting . . .

Until then, happy hunting!

© Amy Daniewicz

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