Where I Am

A quick check-in on where I'm at these days and I where I am (maybe? possibly? who knows, really) going

Following Your Passion

What is your passion? Is that an easy question for you to answer? Do you feel that everyone has a passion? What does it mean if you don't know what yours is? Or do you have the opposite problem—do you feel like you have so many pursuits that you feel lost? Austin blogger Jenni from… Continue reading Following Your Passion

Running Scared

Apart from my husband and kids, not a single part of my adult life has ever come close to feeling as right as the time I spent working on that book. So why, oh why, did the words go away? And will they ever come back?

A Season of Doing Without

I haven't written a blog post in an eternity. Luckily this is due to nothing more calamitous than it being winter, when the trees find themselves with no leaves and I apparently find myself with no words. But a canopy of yellow-green now lines the street to my daughter's school, so I too will start… Continue reading A Season of Doing Without

I Feel Like a Blob of Dough, and It’s Not Just From Eating Too Many Cookies

I have spent yesterday and today working on my book, which feels great because I haven't written anything in something like a month. December is the worst for creativity, I've decided. It's all gobbled up by the Christmas monster. (And if you try to tell me that Christmas is not a monster, then I say… Continue reading I Feel Like a Blob of Dough, and It’s Not Just From Eating Too Many Cookies

Step Over Step

A novel looms as large as Kilimanjaro, but I'm tired of being afraid, so I'm trying my best to shake off the fear.

On Dreams

Others achieve success; they are so happy; we can do it too one day; it could be us. It is so exciting! But, I thought to myself, I've heard this one before.

If You Don’t Hear From Me Soon, Send in a Search Party

There's a South Park episode in which Eric Cartman et al. get so sucked into an online video game that they end up practically leashed to their computers, shoving their faces with junk food and soaking up radiation from their monitors. The end result, before the denouement, shows them strung out from too much screen… Continue reading If You Don’t Hear From Me Soon, Send in a Search Party

Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky

Tonight I sit to write, and yet I cannot. I wait, I am ready, but the words don't come. I want to write of what has come before, the moonlit labyrinth I have walked these past few months, but everything is labored. I look for inspiration from drafts started and unfinished waiting in my blog's… Continue reading Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky

Practice Makes Perfect . . . But I Prefer Peace

Practice makes perfect, or so goes the saying. But perfect? I don't want to strive for perfection. That just turns me into a stress monster with Martha Stewart Disease (see recent Tea Party post). And practice? Isn't that just a heaping bowlful of boring? Seriously, now that no parent is standing over me making me… Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect . . . But I Prefer Peace

Please, World—A Small Request

My husband thinks this post is the equivalent of my inner old man raising a shaky finger to the air and lecturing whomever will listen, "Missy, back in my day . . . ." If you're in no mood for a rant on a dying grammar rule, you may want to click about elsewhere. It… Continue reading Please, World—A Small Request

I’m Afraid of Everything, But Maybe That’s Not So Horrible

These past two weeks, I have been a bit of a disaster. Not as in real disaster, like the people who, as I tell the kids, have "super big problems," like those people who lost their homes or much, much worse to a tornado or a flood or a war these past few weeks. Fortunately… Continue reading I’m Afraid of Everything, But Maybe That’s Not So Horrible

An Unabashedly Happy Progress Report

Back in the day, when I had an actual job (at a charitable foundation) and wore black pants (polyester) and heels (weensy) on a regular basis, I read a lot of progress reports. I used to wonder if the writers of these progress reports stressed over them before emailing them to me at the final… Continue reading An Unabashedly Happy Progress Report

On Feeling Empty and Being a Fool

I am usually of many words, but tonight I am tired and only have a few. A week ago I received some constructive criticism about my writing from a person who is very important to me, and it sent me reeling. My confidence was shattered in an instant. This person didn't view  my writing in… Continue reading On Feeling Empty and Being a Fool