The $9 Maxi Skirt + Date Night

Last night my parents watched our kids, so we got to sneak out to take these pics at Saltillo Plaza in East Austin and enjoy a nice dinner at Curra’s.

Maxi Skirt 1

I’ve finally figured out after so many years that a large portion of my evening’s happiness hinges on my outfit. That is perhaps a spectacularly shallow thing to say, but I’m saying it. And last night, thanks to my Goodwill (Lake Austin Blvd.) maxi skirt and my Parisian (2010 trip thanks to a severance package) scarf, I had a fabulous time.

The smallest things can make you feel beautiful, right?

Maxi Skirt 9

A friend recently told me that she feels creative when she’s putting an outfit together. I completely agree. Sometimes you just have to try crazy combinations of colors or shapes. Every now and then, something will surprise you.

When I was younger I thought fashion was about figuring out what was in style and then doing that. But now it’s just too confusing. Every decade seems to be in style simultaneously! So I’m going with a different approach to style altogether: to just wear what makes me feel beautiful.

Maxi Skirt 5

I love this great quote from Zooey Deschanel I read in In Style recently:

“Style isn’t when you buy yourself the most expensive things. It’s being creative and able to put together what you’ve collected.”

Here the cost breakdown of my outfit:

$9      Maxi skirt (Sparkle and Fade, via Goodwill)
$6      Red shoes (Target, clearance)
$5      White T-shirt (H&M, on sale)
$15    Scarf (street vendor in Paris)
$35    Jacket (Target)
$0      Clutch (Austin Handbag, my former business)
$0      Jewelry (inherited from my grandma)
$70  Total

Maxi Skirt 10

Special thanks to my husband, for taking the photos, my parents, for watching the kids, and my hair stylist, Vanessa at Jackson Ruiz, who was the inspiration behind this post!

Heart Amy

© Amy Daniewicz


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