Office Nook Makeover: Update

Office Nook Update 1

Hello there! Since I last wrote about my plan to make over my office nook, I’ve made progress! I thought you might like to see how it’s going.

I bought the shelves (Vittsjo), as well as the trestle legs (Lerberg) for my desk, from IKEA. Assembling them was easier than I had feared. I think I only swore half a dozen times. Not too bad.

I also bought a thick piece of foam (cut to size for only $4!!!) from a local upholstery shop for my chair.

Here is my original sketch of how I imagined my new office nook would look.

Office Nook Sketch

Do you think our Boston Terrier, Haepi, knows he goes so well with the color scheme?

Office Nook Update 2

The yellow and white chevron fabric has arrived from, and I am so excited about it! Now I need to wash and iron it and figure out my game plan for making the curtains.

Yellow Chevron Fabric

The desk looks great under the window, right? I couldn’t be more pleased. Even though it’s not finished (and my chair is just a piece of foam and an unattached board!) I’ve been working in this space for a few weeks now, and it’s so amazing.

It’s funny how something as simple as where you are sitting can make such a big impact on a person. My husband likes his study dark and cave-like, but I hate working in there. I throw the blinds open and turn on every light, but I still feel all gloomy in his study. But not in my new sunny nook! I can actually write better when I’m sitting in here.

Office Nook Update 3

What’s left: finishing the upholstery on the chair, making the curtains (and hanging them, ugh), and styling the space, as the decorator say. I actually have already started stealing books, frames, decorative objects, etc. from other parts of the house for my desk and shelves. I left them out of this photo, though. I’ve got to make sure my final photo is dramatic!

I also made a visual monthly organizer for my desk that I’m super proud of; there is a photo of it on Instagram. I’ll be posting on that soon as well.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

© Amy Daniewicz

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