During Times of Stress, Sleep!

I promised that I would share my favorite solutions for feeling my best during times of stress. My first solution for staying sane during shelter in place, or any time of great stress: SLEEP! Sleeping just a little bit longer during times of stress can make a huge difference in your mental state during waking… Continue reading During Times of Stress, Sleep!

Staying Strong During This Time of Stress

It has been several years since I've posted—I thought my days of blogging were behind me. But I'm reaching out because I know we are all trying to stay strong during these very stressful times, and I'd like to help out, even if it's in a tiny way. Over the next several posts, I’m going… Continue reading Staying Strong During This Time of Stress

Back to School Worrying and Other Acts of Frenzy

'Tis is the season of MUCH ACTIVITY, second only in craziness to the nightmare known as December. School has started, a milestone of which I'm sure you're aware, even if you don't have kids. (My husband dubbed last Monday "Housewives of America Day" on Facebook.) In addition to all the Back to School Shopping, there… Continue reading Back to School Worrying and Other Acts of Frenzy