Inspired: The Invitation

A moving poem about what really matters in life.

Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

A few weeks ago at Paris Fashion Week, designer Rick Owens enlisted the help of step dancers for his runway show. Four different teams of dancers, some from American college sororities, some from professional dance troupes, wore his designs while dancing step routines. Then for the finale all the women danced together. To augment the aesthetic… Continue reading Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

Inspired: Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Metaphorical Minivan

Two quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert to make your Monday morning a little happier.

Inspired: Ira Glass on Persevering

Ira Glass on creative people and why they have such a hard time persevering in their work

Inspired: Alice Walker’s Forgiveness

I was blown away by Alice Walker's simple words of forgiveness, and I wanted to share them here.

Inspired: Tom Petty & His Audience

The experience felt at a concert is a unique and rare joy.

Two Christmas Stories: A Guest Post

I'm honored to have my dad, John Daniewicz, as a guest blogger on this special Christmas post. Two stories dominate our collective psyche during this time of year. What do they have to teach us? As we sit by a warming fire this winter solstice, with Christmas fast approaching, what are we celebrating? It is… Continue reading Two Christmas Stories: A Guest Post

An Old Prayer, New Again

Neil Douglas-Klotz translates Jesus's words in "The Lord's Prayer" directly from the original Aramaic. The result is moving, inspiring, even perhaps a little shocking.

Renaissance Woman

Recently I was asked what I believe in (as in really believe in), and I was struck mute. But put God and all those tricky questions aside temporarily and I have no problem providing at least one answer: I believe in strange, unexplained coincidences that hint at a level of interconnectedness between us all that… Continue reading Renaissance Woman