Amy Daniewicz on Instagram

My hero Emily Henderson said that Instagram was her favorite social media tool, so I decided to give it a try—despite my fears of a) being too old, and b) sucking at all things technology. And now I feel like the Sam-I-Am guy (or is the other one?): Say! I like Instagram! I do!

But I have only one follower. Which might be myself; I can’t know for sure. Not that I need a million to feel fulfilled or anything. But you know what I mean. It’s kind of lonely. So help a sister out and like me or click on me or whatever it’s called if you, too, like Instagram. You can post random pics of chairs and no one thinks it’s weird!

(Also, does anyone know anything about hashtags? Am I using them correctly? Are you even supposed to use hashtags on Instagram???)

Visual planner: DONE! #washitape

Working on a new monthly planner for my office nook makeover #handwritten #visuallearner

Word cloud I made for inspiration :) #wordcloud #handwritten

Blogging on the road

Coveting these leather and metal chairs from the Hotel San Jose #Austin

First ever Austin Craigslist Roundup on my blog today! #austincraigslist

My lap full of flowers on the way to my sister-in-law’s surprise birthday party

Yellow billy ball flowers for my daughter’s birthday party

© Amy Daniewicz

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