The Easiest Knot

It’s the small things, right?

You know I’m a big fan of reusing things and not wasting. But one thing I’ve never been good about is mending clothing. I have many an item of clothing with a ripped out hem, a small hole, or a missing button. I’m much more likely to just go on wearing them this way, or set them aside if they become unwearable, than attempt to fix them. I have a to-be-mended pile in my closet that never gets any smaller, only bigger, and dustier.

And I swear, a big reason for that is actually tiny: I can’t make a knot.

I’ve tried a zillion times, and sometimes my knots get the job done, but most of the time I just end up frustrated. Until now!

In my research for my skirt-making project, I came upon this tiniest of tutorials: how to make a perfect, easy knot. I love it when people spend the time to share these little (but important) things on the Internet. I just tried it, and sure enough, it is the easiest method for making a knot I’ve ever tried. And the knot is perfect! No weird loops! No separate bumps! No pulling through the fabric because the knot isn’t big enough!

So here you go. Click on the link below, read, and learn, as I did. And may your mending pile be no more!

My Favorite Knot from Heather Bailey at

Heart Amy

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