Menswear, Ladylike

My fashion bloggers are all talking about menswear lately. (OK, they aren’t my bloggers. I just follow them. But somehow after reading them for a while they start to feel like they’re mine.)

I had another interview to go to yesterday, this one at a more creative place than the time I wore ruffles. So I thought I could really be myself and wear this outfit, a recent favorite.

Haepi Says Cheese

Haepi wanted to be in this picture. I thought it was considerate of him to be so color coordinated.

I wore almost this exact same outfit a month or so ago when I hosted some friends for dinner. The only thing I did differently was skip the camisole and wear a black bra. This shirt is a little thin and it all felt so very daring! Not so interview-like, though.

Embroidered Skirt and Lime Green Handbag

Isn’t that embroidery great? I got this skirt over a decade ago, at Marshall’s I think. It feels so special. I can even remember the occasions I’ve worn it to over the years.

I stole this shirt from my husband. He thinks it’s still his but it’s not! (Sorry, honey.) Well, maybe I’ll share. But I wore it yesterday and I’m still wearing it today, now all untucked and long with some skinny jeans. I feel like I’m dressing the part of an artist. :)


I had to include this laughing shot. I think my husband is saying what a dork I am. Laughter always makes for the best pictures.

Menswear plus Ladylike 1

menswear shirt: Van Heusen, via my husband  ♥  embroidered skirt: Persaman, via Marshall’s  ♥  shoes and necklace: Target, a million years ago  ♥  frame handbag: Sharif, via a vintage shop

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