Red and Green

Do you find yourself going back to the same colors over and over again in life? I’m not talking about “favorite” colors. Yellow is my official favorite color—you know, when my kids ask. But so often I return to these particular shades of red and green: the invitation to my first wedding, the Hanafuda collage art I made for our house, the logo for this website. All the same. And yesterday when I went to the paint store to pick my paint colors for the back of my tiny paintings, I came home with this yet again.

Yesterday I applied the gesso to get my boards ready to paint on. I never knew gesso was pronounced with a j sound. You learn something new every day, I tell you.


Today I’m going to give the backs and sides their color. I hope to start on the fronts this weekend! I feel the way I always do when I start something new—nervous that the finished product won’t match what’s in my head. But there’s only one way to find out! So here I go. Wish me luck!

Heart Amy

3 thoughts on “Red and Green”

  1. You look so cute in that picture! I always pick a version of a grassy yellowish undertoned green for house walls. And I NEVER wear anything near that color! Nor do I love it just staring at it. But somehow I love the fresh, natural organic vibe it brings to a house. Weird.

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