Style Question: Slouchy Jumpsuit

I had my first day of work yesterday. Survived! Woohoo! It was actually really fun.

There was one hairy moment, though, when a customer pulled a gray jumpsuit out of a shopping bag and asked what she should get to wear with it.

My answer was super helpful: “Uhhhhh . . .”

Luckily there were others around to swoop in and help.

On the way home, I was thinking, what do you wear with a jumpsuit? This is a question I have never pondered. I don’t own any jumpsuits. I don’t think I’ve ever even tried one on.

Well, I did own a short, summery jumpsuit once in a silky floral fabric that my parents bought for me when we went on a vacation to the South of France when I was in high school. I got rid of it in the late ’90s because I thought surely jumpsuits (pointing finger down throat and rolling eyes) would never come back in style.

New rule: never give away things you bought on vacation. You will regret it forever.

So anyway, I looked it up. I love the Internet. Here’s my pick for favorite jumpsuit-in-chilly-weather look, courtesy of Gabby Mikleu of The September Issue: a moto jacket, cropped at the waist, maybe even with some slightly padded shoulders. It provides some structure to the shape, while not overdoing the slouch. Pair the whole thing with heels and a necklace (and that red lipstick!), and you’re set.

Black Moto Jacket and Jumpsuit

A fitted, cropped blazer does the trick, too. Look how cute Ali from Ali’s Fashion Sense is:

All Black Jumpsuit

Are you into jumpsuits? I don’t know if I’m sold quite yet. If I knew I’d look like one of the ladies above, I’d be all in. But I suspect I’d end up looking like I was wearing my pajamas.

Gray Jumpsuit
photo from “10 Modern Jumpsuits That You’ll Actually Wear” on BRIT + CO

Heart Amy

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