Moto Jacket with Mixed Metals

I bought this moto jacket a few years ago at Target after I read in Lucky that every woman should own one. Magazines are forever making blanket pronouncements like this, aren’t they? And I am just the sucker that falls for them.

Moto Jacket and Mixed Metals 2

I do love the jacket, though. My usual “dressed up” style is much more ladylike, but I like to throw in a little tough girl vibe every now and then. I guess I am hoping it rubs off on me. I could use a little toughening up!

Metallic Frame Bag and Gold and Silver Bracelets

I bought this metallic frame bag at a vintage shop here in Austin last summer when I needed a bag to go with a little black dress. I liked it then, but I love it even more here in contrast with the rougher elements of the jacket and the boots. Since the frame color is an unusual washed-out gold, I thought an arm full of mixed metal bracelets would look nice.

Black Lace-Up Boots with Tights

I often choose clothes and shoes that strike me emotionally. These boots are a perfect example. I bought them a few years ago for a trip to Europe, when I knew I would be doing a lot of walking. They reminded me of a similar pair (but brown) I had when I was in college, which I bought while I was studying abroad in Spain. I wore those things for years until they finally disintegrated. They had a bit more of a rugged heel, and I think they felt like they were the strong part of myself I couldn’t really manage to act out in real life.

Moto Jacket and Mixed Metals 3

What I really want, though, are a pair of Doc Martens. I never had a pair when I was in high school/college. I didn’t think I could pull them off then, but now I figure, why not? I know I’m almost 40 and some people say you should dress your age, but here’s the way I look at it: If I saw a grandma walking around with spiky hair and tough boots, I’d think, you go! She would be an inspiration. So if she can do it, then I definitely can, too!

Heart Amy

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