Food Good

I’d like to start posting more often than I do now, which is probably a long shot given that summer has just begun and no babysitting fairies have nested in my attic. But I’m just going to put it out there in the hopes that my public declaration will help with the follow through. (Oh, follow through! Why do you evade me so?)

To accomplish this, I’d like to give myself the freedom to talk more about what I like to call practical matters. Yes, I do prefer to live life with my head above the clouds, but this blog is called Beneath the Trees after all, so I don’t think it would be completely out of line for me to come down to earth now and then and write about the view. I’ve experimented with this lately, with posts about compost bins and walls of art. Next up: food!

Aside from the occasional cookie recipe, I haven’t written too much about food, which is kind of weird when you consider how large a part of my daily life it is. Sometimes I feel like all I’ve gotten done in a week is related to food: I’ve made (some of) the meals and done the grocery shopping, and that’s it. On a week when I can handle no more, even the laundry gets pushed aside, but not the food. We always have to eat.

I’m working on a new page for my blog to house my food posts, talking about all the crazy things a person has to think about these days when making decisions about food. If you’re a mom or dad in charge of feeding your children, the stakes are raised even higher; you don’t want your own brain to rot from toxic chemicals, sure, but you really don’t want your baby’s to turn to mush before he even learns to toddle!

Of course, I’m not an expert at any of this. I’m still in learning mode, although I no longer have to literally lock my children out of the kitchen so that I can spend one hour (two) to produce the ONE THING I’m making for dinner that night, such as meatloaf. Sides were a luxury my scattered self couldn’t even begin to contemplate those first few years. (And yes, meatloaf does look quite sad all by itself on a plate, especially when the ketchup sputters and spits little red drops all over the place. So sad.)

So look for a few more posts from me about things to eat. Coming soon(ish): a recipe for Bolognese sauce, my search for the good lard, and what to do with a pot of beans. Oh yeah, and a post directed at non-Asians everywhere: have you ever had roasted seaweed??? It’s phenomenal.

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2 thoughts on “Food Good”

  1. I look forward to reading more of your ideas and recipes as we are on continual quests for the healthier, easier ways to live and eat as American families. And, of course, I have to second that shout-out to roasted seaweed. :) Can’t get enough.

    (And BTW, I did make a pot of beans yesterday – oh, what to do?! :) They are garbanzo, so I know the possibilities are limitless – roasting and salting, hummus . . . :) Just need to decide and try something new.

  2. Oh! You’ll have to share about what you end up doing with the garbanzo beans. I bought some at the store yesterday because of your comment. Time for bean research! :)

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