Style Question: Slouchy Jumpsuit

What on earth DO you wear with a jumpsuit???

Serendipity, Signs, and Skirts

You know how the skirt that I'm making is going to have box pleats? Well, after much research this weekend about fabrics, elastic, and sewing in general, it occurred to me that I should look up how to sew box pleats. My first search result pulled up this great tutorial from Miranda from the blog… Continue reading Serendipity, Signs, and Skirts

Eat Your Leftovers: Stale Bread

My two favorite things to do with stale bread.

The Working Mother

I have a story to tell. It's a bit of a shame story. Prepare yourself.

Vodka + Lemonade

The easiest of cocktails.

Cream Cheese Spiderweb Brownies

This is lazy baking at its best.

Launch Yourself on Every Wave

I finally have a plan, and this is it.

Menswear, Ladylike

The menswear trend from a more ladylike perspective.


What's great about being alive? Komorebi.

The Perfect Hosts

One memorable evening in California taught me about the four most important tenets of entertaining.

Moto Jacket with Mixed Metals

Can your clothes make you stronger? Hmm, I need some Wonder Woman cuffs.

♥ Your Life: Drop Your Frenemies

One small change helped me be a lot kinder to myself.

Saturday Night Playlist

My October 2013 Spotify playlist

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are a few of the things that have been making me happy lately . . .

♥ Your Life: Accept Your Nature

A morning gardening with kindergarteners taught me an unexpected lesson about parenting.