The Hope that Only You Know

What lies inside that dead-looking twig might just surprise us all.

PTA vs. the Supermom

I came face to face with the Supermom. Here is my story.

To the Mom with the Screaming Kid

The age-old parental question: what to do when your kid won't go?

Adventure + Kids?

Friends with kids are having major adventures around the world. But what about all the benefits to stability?

Following Your Passion

What is your passion? Is that an easy question for you to answer? Do you feel that everyone has a passion? What does it mean if you don't know what yours is? Or do you have the opposite problem—do you feel like you have so many pursuits that you feel lost? Austin blogger Jenni from… Continue reading Following Your Passion

Inspired: Alice Walker’s Forgiveness

I was blown away by Alice Walker's simple words of forgiveness, and I wanted to share them here.

Inspired: Tom Petty & His Audience

The experience felt at a concert is a unique and rare joy.

Out with the Old, In with the Fried Eggs

An essay I wrote three years ago about how my search for my fixed, true identity may be an exercise in futility.

Nature’s Way Preschool

For the past three years, Nature's Way Preschool at the Austin Nature and Science Center has been a huge part of our lives. But now my kids (sniff) are all big (sniff) and it's time to say good-bye.

The Trouble(s) with Being Authentic

I feel a strong pull to be authentic to my true self, but I often end up going along with the crowd. It seems as though I'm caught between pain from being inauthentic, or pain from being different. But are these really my only two options?

Two Christmas Stories: A Guest Post

I'm honored to have my dad, John Daniewicz, as a guest blogger on this special Christmas post. Two stories dominate our collective psyche during this time of year. What do they have to teach us? As we sit by a warming fire this winter solstice, with Christmas fast approaching, what are we celebrating? It is… Continue reading Two Christmas Stories: A Guest Post

Speed Matters

It is so easy to lose sight of the reality that our schedules are our own doing, that we control how we spend our days. The speed at which we navigate our life deeply affects what we see and how we experience it.

A Note to My Teenage Self

With 40 (and my twenty-year high school reunion) on my horizon, there are a few things, once outside my field of vision entirely, that are starting to come into focus. But then, some stuff will just never make sense.

An Old Prayer, New Again

Neil Douglas-Klotz translates Jesus's words in "The Lord's Prayer" directly from the original Aramaic. The result is moving, inspiring, even perhaps a little shocking.

Running Scared

Apart from my husband and kids, not a single part of my adult life has ever come close to feeling as right as the time I spent working on that book. So why, oh why, did the words go away? And will they ever come back?