Inspired: The Invitation

A moving poem about what really matters in life.

Rainy Days

Some days the gray clouds won't budge.

Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

A few weeks ago at Paris Fashion Week, designer Rick Owens enlisted the help of step dancers for his runway show. Four different teams of dancers, some from American college sororities, some from professional dance troupes, wore his designs while dancing step routines. Then for the finale all the women danced together. To augment the aesthetic… Continue reading Sorority Girls’ Fierce Act of Beauty

The $40 Interview Outfit

An example of how to use thrift shopping to build a wardrobe.

How to Turn an Earring into a Pendant

Have you ever lost an earring and wondered what to do with the one you have left? Make a pendant!

Inspired: Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Metaphorical Minivan

Two quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert to make your Monday morning a little happier.

Red and Green

Do you find yourself going back to the same colors over and over again in life?

The Hope that Only You Know

What lies inside that dead-looking twig might just surprise us all.

PTA vs. the Supermom

I came face to face with the Supermom. Here is my story.

How to Make Your Own Curtains

Have you ever wondered if you could make your own curtains? You can! Here's how.

Perfect Color Something or Other

Online color tests may be hazardous to your health.

The $9 Maxi Skirt + Date Night

The smallest things in life can make you feel beautiful, right?

Apartment Therapy!

Yesterday afternoon I was searching for dinner recipes on my phone (trying to figure out what on earth to do with these little Korean rice tube things called duk that my youngest son keeps talking about ever since his grandma served them to him months ago), when my phone tweet-tweeted at me that I had… Continue reading Apartment Therapy!

To the Mom with the Screaming Kid

The age-old parental question: what to do when your kid won't go?

The $200 Office Nook Makeover

Great things happen when you are willing to haul your neighbors' trash down the street in your PJs. Read how I made over my office for $200.