A New Birth

A remarkable thing happened last night. Halfway through watching the behemoth four-and-a-half-hour version of The Titanic on AMC, sadness overtook me, and I waved my white remote in defeat. I had had it. It had been a cheery night of television all around, you see, as before that I watched a program on PBS about… Continue reading A New Birth

Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses

I do my best to live under a rock, but even I know that, as my husband told our daughter today, "a real-life princess is getting married tomorrow." I don't know too many details, except that the real-life princess (or soon-to-be, rather) is beautiful, wears some really cute clothes (and crazy-ass hats), and seems nice,… Continue reading Love, Romance, and Real-Life Princesses

Ode to Ovulation

The monthly call to fertility is exhilarating, but in our house, we've come to eye it with suspicion. My husband was kind enough to print out this article from the New York Times for me yesterday. The author, John Tierney, discusses one of my favorite topics, the invisible powers possessed by ovulating women, and highlights… Continue reading Ode to Ovulation

Valentine’s Day, We Meet Again

Is this a happy holiday? Hearts cut out of doilies, cuddly teddy bears, and cakes with pink roses. It sure seems like it ought to be. So why does it feel like the arch-enemy to my sense of peace and sanity? I've been dreading this day for the past several weeks, when it first popped… Continue reading Valentine’s Day, We Meet Again