On Dreams

Others achieve success; they are so happy; we can do it too one day; it could be us. It is so exciting! But, I thought to myself, I've heard this one before.

Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky

Tonight I sit to write, and yet I cannot. I wait, I am ready, but the words don't come. I want to write of what has come before, the moonlit labyrinth I have walked these past few months, but everything is labored. I look for inspiration from drafts started and unfinished waiting in my blog's… Continue reading Inward to Outward, Earth to Sky


I just got back from spending too much time, and even more money, at Central Market on my weekly grocery shopping trip. I blame it on the fancy cheese lady, who was so friendly as she handed out tiny samples of "goat cheeses from around the world!" with disarming dexterity. And the giant, shiny salmon… Continue reading Spring

Richer or Poorer, Lost Either Way

A few weeks ago my husband told me all our money had gone to pay the bills and I was to avoid spending a dime until the next payday. No problem, I thought, I've definitely been here before. But I still felt poor in that moment. Then I took the trash out, and after the… Continue reading Richer or Poorer, Lost Either Way

Thanksgiving, Reborn

I imagine that as holidays go, Thanksgiving used to make a lot more sense. Back in the days of the Pilgrims, when a long and difficult winter loomed, a fall bounty must have surely inspired a spontaneous outpouring of gratitude. But these days, how many Americans experience the natural cycles of lean during the cold… Continue reading Thanksgiving, Reborn

Renaissance Woman

Recently I was asked what I believe in (as in really believe in), and I was struck mute. But put God and all those tricky questions aside temporarily and I have no problem providing at least one answer: I believe in strange, unexplained coincidences that hint at a level of interconnectedness between us all that… Continue reading Renaissance Woman