New School Year, Why Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Last month it seemed as though our entire house were hitched to the back of an old John Deere, being jostled along a rutted-out gravel road, hay and sticky kids poking out the sides, with everyone thinking the ride was great fun until we got off and realized that our backs were sore from the… Continue reading New School Year, Why Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Rewriting the Questions

This article, published in Hip Mama, tells the story of the day my oldest child asked me the BIG question, and what I realized in my attempt to answer it.

A Sac, A Baby, A Spark

I am officially late. My for-the-record position is that I don't want any more kids. With my youngest recently out of the toddler stage, I am still relishing my hard-earned bits of freedom. A month ago, I triumphantly declared I had changed my last poopy diaper. My three kids can all buckle their own seat… Continue reading A Sac, A Baby, A Spark

Back to School Worrying and Other Acts of Frenzy

'Tis is the season of MUCH ACTIVITY, second only in craziness to the nightmare known as December. School has started, a milestone of which I'm sure you're aware, even if you don't have kids. (My husband dubbed last Monday "Housewives of America Day" on Facebook.) In addition to all the Back to School Shopping, there… Continue reading Back to School Worrying and Other Acts of Frenzy

My Son, the Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables

Tonight at bedtime, my youngest son, who is three, looked up at me with big saucer eyes over his Chick fil-A Kids Meal book and said, "Why us eat chickens?" "Why do we eat chickens?" I repeated, stalling for time. This was going to be difficult. The truth is, I have been struggling with this… Continue reading My Son, the Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables

A Tea Par-TEE Makes Me Cra-ZEE

I'm working on about five different posts at the moment, but I can't seem to get a single one to completion. My brain is definitely elsewhere, and I'll tell you where it's gone: to Crazy Tea Party Land. This weekend, we (I) will be hosting a birthday party for my daughter, who is turning five,… Continue reading A Tea Par-TEE Makes Me Cra-ZEE

Each of These, My Three Babies

A while ago an old friend from college, who was then pregnant with her third child, asked me if I had any words of advice on the subject of going from two kids to three. I thought about it for a bit, and then I told her that with my first child, his first birthday… Continue reading Each of These, My Three Babies

An Unexpected Gift

Tonight I listened to a psychologist give a speech about gifted children. I went to learn more about my son, who is in Austin ISD's program for gifted kids, also known as the "GT" program. I smugly doubted I would learn anything I didn't already know, being the avid googler that I am. By the… Continue reading An Unexpected Gift

So Long, December, It’s Been Good to Know Ya

I've missed writing. So much so that it's midnight and I should be going to sleep, but instead I'm sitting down to write, just because it's been so long and I miss it so much. This month has nearly kicked my ass. My kids LOVED Christmas, and I have reveled in seeing all the happy… Continue reading So Long, December, It’s Been Good to Know Ya

On Valentine’s Day

This year I decided to buy myself roses for Valentine's Day. Are they not stunning? I feel the hand of my grandmother at work. Whenever it came time for gift giving, she would make sure to include herself on the list. "From Alice, To Alice," the card would read. My husband is the love of… Continue reading On Valentine’s Day