The House That Love Built

After 25 years in Austin, we're moving to San Francisco. Before we go, I say good-bye to the home that's given us so much these past six years.

Perfect Color Something or Other

Online color tests may be hazardous to your health.

The $200 Office Nook Makeover

Great things happen when you are willing to haul your neighbors' trash down the street in your PJs. Read how I made over my office for $200.

Office Nook Makeover: After Photos Tomorrow!

A sneak peek at my office nook makeover! More photos coming tomorrow.

♥ Your Home: Make Your Bed

A quick shake to the sheets, a tug on the quilt, a fluff to the pillows—a tidy bed does wonders for your bedroom, and your state of mind.

Beauty, Beauty, on the Wall

My husband and I recently experienced a freakish anomaly, an outlier event, an aberration of epic proportions . . . we cooperated over home decor. Odd, disorienting even. It all has to do with a problem that's been plaguing us since we moved into our home two and a half years ago: what to do… Continue reading Beauty, Beauty, on the Wall