Serendipity, Signs, and Skirts

You know how the skirt that I’m making is going to have box pleats? Well, after much research this weekend about fabrics, elastic, and sewing in general, it occurred to me that I should look up how to sew box pleats. My first search result pulled up this great tutorial from Miranda from the blog One Little Minute.

And check it out, the fabric is the exact same fabric I used for my curtains and chair in my office nook makeover! Same brand and everything.

One Little Minute Box Pleats Skirt

Do you think it’s a sign?

This makes me think of Meg Ryan’s character, Annie, in Sleepless in Seattle, and how she’s always calling everything a sign. I love, too, the scene when Tom Hanks’s character, Sam, says just how much he believes in signs, as he’s showing his son how far apart they are on the map. Here’s the quote:

“I’ll show you a sign. Here’s a sign. Alright. Where is Seattle? Right. Where is Baltimore? Thaaaaat’s right! There. Look, one, two, three, four, there’s like twenty-six states between here and there. Now that’s a sign!”

I love that movie so much because I definitely identify with Annie, and my husband is straight up Sam. He (typically) does not see the genius in that movie. Come on!

Are you a sign person?

If you’re a Sleepless in Seattle person, read this for five minutes of happiness this morning.

Heart Amy

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